Radio broadcast

09.10.2018 | Radio ö1, Zeit-Ton
The ensemble zeitfluss at musikprotokoll

musikprotokoll 2018. Between language and noise. The Ensemble Zeitfluss with music by Christoph Renhart, Joanna Wozny and Klaus Lang. Design: Rainer Elstner

At musikprotokoll, the Graz-based Ensemble Zeitfluss explored three contemporary positions. The most recent – because it was composed in summer 2018 – was a world premiere by Christoph Renhart from Graz. Joanna Wozny’s composition is dedicated to the interplay between language and noise. For years now, she has been exploring new aspects of this border area in her mostly lucid, somewhat sparse, yet effective compositions.

The Graz composer Klaus Lang was represented in this concert with a piece lasting around 20 minutes, which fits wonderfully into the series of his works with truly whimsical titles. A relationship drama in disguise was performed: “St. Clara and the black fish”. There is even a script explanation by the composer himself:

“Slowly and deep in thought, St. Clara walks in her clogs through the long, silent corridors of her convent. A loose stone tile in the floor makes her stumble slightly and causes a quick, loud tread with her clog: ‘Gis!’ she involuntarily utters. Outside in the fishpond, the black fish swims its laps without a care in the world.